How To Build The Fastest Remote Controlled Cars Yourself

Many parents can't wait to get their children their first remote controlled cars, and that's what people often think of when you mention remote controlled cars. The truth is that there are large numbers of adults who like to build and race radio controlled cars as a hobby.

The differences in kids' radio controlled cars and those of adults are fairly extreme. The power source is different, for one thing. Some AA batteries will provide a power source that is completely appropriate for a kid's RC car.

However, the cars built by hobbyists have engines that are complete working replicas of the engines of real cars. Although some do use large battery packs, they are much different that AA batteries. Radio controlled cars also use gasoline or nitro-methane.

The quality of parts you use for your radio controlled cars will have a great bearing on whether you can win any races or not. If you are looking for a speedy remote control car that can compete with the cars of other hobbyists, you will need to buy top of the line parts.

You may have to put out some money to get the very best, but that is probably what you will want. If you can find the right components and put them together right, you can use these parts to put together a car that can beat other cars in races.

You may not want to choose just one motor type for your radio controlled cars. For example, a nitro-methane has its pluses and minuses. It will be the fastest type of engine in the straightaway. If the race you are running has few turns, you can get a great deal of speed from it.

On the negative side, turns are difficult because nitro-methane is a heavier fuel than the others. Also, these engines do not hold up to continual use over time. They are best saved for the races for which they are best suited. If your RC car has an electric engine instead, you can save wear and tear on your nitro-methane engine.

If you want the fastest car in the race, you can't forget the other components of the car. Top quality wheels and axels are also essential for a smooth-running car. You can pay a lot to get these components, but buying them with thoughtfulness makes a huge difference in the viability of your RC car on the racetrack. Get wheels that that are firm. They should also be as lightweight as possible to cut down on drag during the race. You may be able to try different parts at a hobby store.

For people who do not want to start from scratch, there are always kits. Some kits are made using high quality parts. Also, these kits can be customized by swapping out some of the parts that come with the kit for more expensive parts. You will probably never get the speed you desire from such cars, but you can begin to get the idea of what is required to get it.

Building a speedy remote control car is not just a matter of going out and getting the most expensive parts on the market, either. It requires a good deal of experience and work to find that special combination. Only then can you win the race.


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